Modular Manufacturing Construction Professionals


Modulus MEP takes construction to the next level by integrating multiple trade systems into one manufactured module - for seamless installation at the job site. We promote a high level of collaboration between the owner, architect and construction manager to transform standard prints into a 3D manufacturing model. Typical integration could include combining ductwork, plumbing & piping systems, sprinkler systems, security and communication systems, electrical conduits and/or medical gas mains. We assemble these systems in a controlled, factory environment and ship job-site direct as requested by our customers.

This multi-discipline project approach builds in an elevated level of quality and safety to the finished product before it even reaches the jobsite and lowers risk while greatly improving the predictability of supply delivery, onsite installation time and overall schedule.

The integration of manufacturing into the construction industry is the next logical step within the APi Group of companies and Modulus MEP. LEAN Concepts and a strategic partnership with a leading UK based modular manufacturing company catapults us into the next wave of construction. This partnership will help ensure you'll see clear advantages of multi-trade manufacturing on your next construction project.

Financial Base and Bonding Capacity

As an APi Group, Inc. company, Modulus MEP stands to benefit from the economies of scale provided by a 1.5-billion-dollar company in the banking, bonding, risk management and procurement arenas.

This unique relationship ensures that we maintain a strong financial foothold in any economic climate, allowing us to focus on customers.

Our Promise

Modulus MEP dedication to becoming a preferred solution and service provider for years to come is the heartbeat of our promise to the construction industry. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients by assembling a team that provides exceptional customer service, using quality, timely service, responsiveness, safety and integrity. We'll provide you with coordinated service for every level of mechanical systems and the highest quality mechanical construction value possible.

Core values

Solid relationships have allowed us to create core values that guide us to make sound decisions.

  • Creating caring and enduring relationships with others
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Enjoying our work
  • Combining small company abilities with large company advantages
  • Team-oriented
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Cost savings

Save real project dollars due to the manufacturing approach and installation productivity gains.

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Schedule enhancement

Concurrently build off-site to arrive just-in-time.

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Less personnel = less worker’s climbing on ladders and lifting heavy objects overhead

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Risk mitigation

Reduce your risk exposure with smaller work crews and repetitive work.