We believe that the off-site manufacture of building services modules represents the lowest risk method of the delivery and installation of services to the construction site. The ability to simultaneously manufacture building components with the site work, allows the project team the flexibility and time to take advantage of just-in-time delivery.

Traditional Method versus an Off-Site Solution

What are the issues?

  • Collision of services
  • Clash of trades
  • Cost and time control
  • Surprise costs
  • Labor risk
  • Skills shortage
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Waste management
  • Tight project schedules

How can an off-site solution overcome these difficulties?

  • Fully coordinated and pre-engineered solution
  • More accurate cost and delivery
  • Schedule benefits
  • Improvements in quality
  • Improvements in health and safety
  • Improved predictability = LESS RISK
  • Improved project performance
  • Greater schedule certainty

Manufacturing Advantages

Benefits of Pre-Manufactured Modular Solutions

Manufacturing based working improves:

  • Planning
  • Accuracy in production
  • Quality control
  • Waste
  • Safety management
  • Product quality
  • On-site logistics
  • Factory based warehousing enables absorption and release of project schedule delays providing further flexibility.

Factory based working reduces:

  • On site storage of materials, therefore risk of damage and theft
  • The level of on-site waste
  • Risk
  • “Think about the cost of rectifying defects or making changes on-site, compared to the controlled manufacturing shop environment”


  • Improved performance
  • Reduces on-site material waste
  • Reduces impact of site activity through reduced deliveries and working on site (noise, vehicle movements)

Supply Chain:

  • Encouraged and improved supply chain integration
  • Team work and collaboration
  • Integrated teams
  • Partnering through procurement

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Cost savings

Save real project dollars due to the manufacturing approach and installation productivity gains.

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Schedule enhancement

Concurrently build off-site to arrive just-in-time.

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Less personnel = less worker’s climbing on ladders and lifting heavy objects overhead

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Risk mitigation

Reduce your risk exposure with smaller work crews and repetitive work.