The modular concept, although relatively new to the commercial sector within the US, is ideal for any project. In the industry today, we already integrate multi-trades within every project, but not necessarily in the most efficient method. With the modular concept, you have the advantage of utilizing a controlled environment for labor cost control, in addition to, other benefits such as risk management, safety and schedule certainty.

Our experience with this approach allows us to navigate, with our clients, the new build profile to efficiently deliver to each project. We continue to seek new work and push into the competitive environment with our approach. There is no specific type of project that is more ideal than the other. This approach lends itself well to projects where dynamic project teams advocate value for the end user. The following projects are listed as examples of our work:

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Cost savings

Save real project dollars due to the manufacturing approach and installation productivity gains.

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Schedule enhancement

Concurrently build off-site to arrive just-in-time.

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Less personnel = less worker’s climbing on ladders and lifting heavy objects overhead

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Risk mitigation

Reduce your risk exposure with smaller work crews and repetitive work.