ISO 9001:2008

To this end, we commit to continually review the quality system and our goals in accordance with the ISO 9001 accreditation requirements and be committed to delivering the highest levels of quality throughout the company and its processes.

We also commit to provide training to all of our personnel, to ensure they are fully conversant with the quality policy and have the necessary skills, competence, product knowledge and education to achieve our quality objectives.

Pressure Testing

Modulus MEP maintains a rigorous quality control and inspection procedure to ensure all mechanical joints in the module are sound. The mechanical pipework is tested to ensure no leaks occur at factory made joints.

  • During the pressure testing, all joints are visually inspected for leaks by external application of soapy water.
  • Upon test completion, a test certificate is prepared and delivered with each module.
  • A full system pressure test is still required on site after installation to verify integrity of non-factory made joints.

Health and Safety

Modulus MEP is committed to implementing the highest standards of health and safety that enable the company to comply with all relevant OSHA standards and regulations.

We commit to conducting our business in a way which ensures the protection of our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders.

We implement a health and safety program which is documented, enforced and audited as part of our continuous improvement program.

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Cost savings

Save real project dollars due to the manufacturing approach and installation productivity gains.

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Schedule enhancement

Concurrently build off-site to arrive just-in-time.

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Less personnel = less worker’s climbing on ladders and lifting heavy objects overhead

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Risk mitigation

Reduce your risk exposure with smaller work crews and repetitive work.