We are able to offer our engineering and co-ordination expertise to provide fully coordinated 3D solutions to any project, including those to be installed in the traditional manner, using the latest market leading software applications.  We operate the latest industry design Auto Desk AutoCAD MEP and Navisworks software, utilizing CAD plug in, which works in synergy with our UK based Partner Company when necessary.



Throughout the coordination process we will work with you to develop a plan for fully insulated heating, ventilation and cooling solutions as determined by your project.  Generally, ductwork integration into a modular rack is a great opportunity to place large pieces of duct into a ceiling plenum safely and efficiently.  Special considerations are taken to ensure equipment access for maintenance personnel.  Additionally, it is imperative during the design phase to ensure connection access for the installation team is available.


A comprehensive range of low voltage equipment for electrical containment, supply and distribution is available through the Modulus MEP product offering. Switchgear, distribution boards, consumer units and pan assembly units are designed according to the specific application requirements.


A range of vertical 3D modules incorporating a range of M&E services and electrical distribution panels.  The ability to manufacture a 3D structural riser is a great application for customers on a tight schedule.

Corridor Racks (Modules)

Modulus MEP recognizes the importance of flexibility, to promote this we offer a complete range of modular services to provide for a complete solution for all projects across all market sectors. We provide for any service distribution requirement, from small or medium volume, to that of large complex prefabricated modules, which includes service risers and electrical switchgear, distribution boards, consumer units, or any other specialty item directed by our customers.

Our intent is to allow our customers modular flexibility to satisfy the requirements within various projects, market sectors, and geographical areas.

2D Modules

Our 2D Modular systems typically are comprised of a range of horizontal mechanical and electrical systems.  These insulated multi-service modules usually consist of customized piping systems, cable tray, basket and are ideal hospital, hotel, office and commercial building applications.

3D Modules

The 3D Modular system is where the “true integration” really occurs.  A 3D uni-strut framed system is a fully coordinated, multi-service application that typically includes HVAC, mechanical and electrical systems.  The 3D modules are generally used in typical hospital and other large scale complex projects where high attention to detail occurs during the coordination phase.  The more you can fit into a 3D module, the higher potential for efficiency gains to occur.

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Cost savings

Save real project dollars due to the manufacturing approach and installation productivity gains.

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Schedule enhancement

Concurrently build off-site to arrive just-in-time.

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Less personnel = less worker’s climbing on ladders and lifting heavy objects overhead

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Risk mitigation

Reduce your risk exposure with smaller work crews and repetitive work.